Locked my Keys in the House

There are times in my life that I wish that I wasn’t forgetful, but I have been that way since I was born.  In some respects, it was like I lost the genetic lottery, but it also means that sometimes life is a little more challenging than I would like.

Let me share an example.

Yesterday I was doing some chores out in the yard like I do most Tuesdays.  I typically leave the front door of the house locked while I am out working in the backyard to make sure that no one breaks in while I am not paying attention.  On days like these I leave the patio door unlocked, but for whatever reason I didn’t do that at all.  When I reached into my pocket, I realized that I made a huge mistake.

My keys were in the house.

Instead of doing the smart thing and calling a locksmith I decided to break the kitchen window instead.  In hindsight, that wasn’t the smartest thing for me to do, but in the end I did end up getting back into the house.

But I had a window to replace.

Thankfully, I live just down the street from an outfit that does windows replacement in Los Angeles and I was able to get them to set me up with a new window today.  The house is all better now, but hopefully I have learned my lesson – next time I’ll make sure I have my keys before locking the house.

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